Welcome to SIP Forever !
SIP Forever is a free community telephony over ip network setup in France. The main server is located into a datacenter in north of France, in the city of Roubaix.

SIP Forever started as an experimental telephony network to be used by friends and family, and grew up with accounts for collegues. It now opens to any person who wants to taste the telephony over IP.
That network is based on the use of free softwares and is relevant to free software mindset. Its main goal is to help people discover what is telephony over IP while setting up innovative services. It also shows that every one can handle it own way to communicate with his/her family and friends by being active, which demonstrates that several alternatives exists without being commited to trust a private company to handle your own telephony.

It is part of the SIP Broker network which makes it inter-connected with a wide number of other SIP networks (more that 2000). It has its own network code which the *8425. For more informations, visit SIP broker website.

SIP Forever is able to make Enum queries and provides each of its subscriber with an allocated Enum phone number in the form +882 9901 0817 XXXX. By this way, you can be reached by any provider that implements Enum lookups.

SIP Forever is also connected to traditionnal telephony network gateway which allows any SIP Forever subscriber to be reachable from PSTN and mobile networks. At the moment, there are PSTN gateways in France, UK, Switzerland and USA.

SIP Forever is able to route iNum calls and allocate one iNum number to each of its subscribers.
The network is based on the use of free software and mainly uses Asterisk as the software server, with free codecs like G711, Speex and iLbc. All subscribers accounts are based on standard protocols like SIP but other protocols like IAX can be used for creating account or for establishing trunks with other server like SIP trunking or IAX trunking.

SIP Forever provides other useful functionalities that you can discover in the services page or by requesting for an account.

If you are interested, visit the registration page.

Last update: 2015/12/14